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They are often left unexpressed, exerting a powerful unseen influence. We work with business leaders to help them uncover and shape the key narrative strands affecting their business.

About Narrative Dynamics

In our new research - Business Ethics – A Period of Transition – we worked with leaders from retail, finance, manufacturing, academia and care. We focused on ethics as a fundamental but largely unexplored area of narrative. We’d like to talk with you about our full report and and here’s our summary report which you can download:

A two page summary of our major research “ Business Ethics – A Period of Transition”

Business Ethics Research – Media Release

"A fascinating, well-researched study. The observation that business thinks ethics is not about doing good but avoiding doing harm is particularly astute."
Henry Tricks, The Economist
“This is a fresh and very interesting look at a subject which is rightly becoming more important in a business environment. Its diverse analysis combined with psychological insight makes it a very instructive read.”
Peter Le Beau Chairman – The Net-Work, The Protection Review

Business Ethics – Key Questions


To see the full report on Business Ethics and discuss how engagement with Narrative Dynamics may help your business:

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